Art and I are making the SDCC show floor rounds today through Sunday. Between interviews with POC creators and panel coverage I’m doing my best to snap all the Cosplayers of Colour we see. We spent a lot of time today getting our bearings and conducting a few of those aforementioned interviews (check out Art’s latest interviews here), but when I spotted my first Kamala Khan cosplay in person I couldn’t resist stepping away.

Also pictured are Static Shock, Oberyn Martell, Lt. Uhura, Clark Kent, and Zuko and Azula. 

Stay tuned here over the next few days for more pictures and reporting. You can also visit the site proper, or one of three twitter accounts — @racialicious@aboynamedart, and @wriglied— now through Sunday for coverage that goes beyond the latest in Marvel’s empty promises! 

— KJ

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